We’re Open! We are now serving delicious treats along with our Famous Dean’s Bean’s Coffee and wonderful smoothies, shakes, juices and teas.

Stop by any time Monday – Friday from 6:30 am to 12:30 PM. and 4 Pm to 7 PM. LUNCH AND DINNER TO FOLLOW REAL SOON!

Welcome to Roots Café

Serving delicious RAW food to take out!
Only what’s fresh and in season!

Juices, Coffee, Teas, Crepes, Wraps, Salads, Healthy Snacks, Shakes and More!

Our coffee is roasted special for us and we grind it to order for you. It’s organic and made with filtered water.

Truly the BEST coffee around!

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Sugar Free, Preservative Free, Live Free. All Fresh, All Seasonal, 100% natural!

Roots Cafe is located at:

408G Paulding Ave
Northvale, NJ 07647

We are open Monday through Friday 6:30am to 12:30pm. and 4pm to 7pm

Call us at 201-956-5213

Our Food

Coffee Ground to Order


Serving a wide range of all organic and fair trade freshly ground beans from all over the world!

Or try our teas, Black, Red, Green, White and Herbal Teas Mate, Rooibos and Oolong.

We are always making new and exciting blended and/or infused fruit juices and teas.

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Fresh Snacks

Snacks and Shakes

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Sugar Free, Preservative Free snacks and Shakes, Our Protein Powder is made in house from sprouted and dehydrated grains such as Quinoa, Black eyed Peas and Buckwheat.

With varying fruits, nut milk and butters, our Chef’s will be happy to make your own personal blend as every smoothie is made to order.

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Fresh Wraps


All our wraps are made from 100% organic produce, consisting of puréed and dehydrated vegetables, each of which are wrapped to order and come with a side salad of chef’s choice.

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Our salad mix is made from only local produce, only fresh and unique daily.

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Our Juices

Are you missing something in your diet, or lacking something in you being? Feeling tired, out of balance, heavy, or parched??? Try one of our unique blend of vegetable and fruit juices to restore that balance, and feel light and refreshed. Vitality is just a sip away.

ROOTs also will create a customized cleansing program especially for you,completely detox your system!
Ask us about our personalized CLEANSING CONCEPTS!See our Juices 

What you can expect when you come to Roots Café

      • We promise to serve you food the way it comes from the earth, adamantly avoiding the way it comes from industrial farms and factories which we feel have failed our society.
      • We also feel there is no such thing as junk food or bad food. What we have done to our food is bad.
      • Food is only good, anything else is not food.
      • All of us at ROOTs promise to struggle very hard to reverse the obviously destructive trend of over processing.

What Our Customer’s Say

LOVE the variety of foods served FRESH! Their juices and smoothies are out of this world. Who knew fig newtons could be made from all raw ingredients and taste better? Anyone who wants to jump start a healthy living lifestyle should definitely check it out!
Pauline W., Yelp Review
LOVE the variety of foods served FRESH! Their juices and smoothies are out of this world. Who knew fig newtons could be made from all raw ingredients and taste better? Anyone who wants to jump start a healthy living lifestyle should definitely check it out!
Maria L., Yelp Review
I’ve been eating at Roots since it opened. There are so many interesting and creative healthy choices…..red pepper cashew hummus, broccoli mash, amazing wraps and treats! The trail mix is like none other that I’ve ever had. It is made with dehydrated fruits. You’ll never get a raw deal at Roots!
Janet P., Yelp Review
Good food, good people! Something new everyday.
Alicia R., Yelp Review
Raw! Organic! Gluten Free! — These were words that I once cringed over however Roots has turned my attitude around completely! There are many foods that I’ve sampled. From the delightful hand-rolled snacks, to the guiltless filling foods (like the zucchini pasta w/ pesto), to the Roots Latte (my FAVORITE) there is something there to suit your desired taste!There is always something unique brewing at Roots daily and you will NEVER be bored!
Marylou Z., Yelp Review
Roots Cafe continues to be one of my most favorite eateries in the area. This hidden gem is filled with healthy and creative meals that are very delicious. Roots is a treat for the entire family. Salads. Soups. Wraps. Guacamole. Treats., coffees, teas, . Smoothies,…Roots has a variety and quality that’s unmatched. Roots is the perfect combination of healthy eating and unique choices. You will not be disappointed.
Maria L., Yelp Review
Yes Roots is Raw/Vegan/Organic and Gluten Free, but the one thing missing from that statement is that it is delicious, satisfying, and addictive. I am not vegan, and my every day diet is not Raw or gluten free, however, I visit this cafe often. I have had the Guacamole Wrap, the fruit crepe, the fruit drinks, among many different snacks and I was completely shocked that it tasted so unbelievably delicious and satisfying. Roots makes it very easy to incorporate healthy eating into my diet and satisfy my sweet tooth also. Take a chance, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Annette M., Yelp Review
Roots Cafe is an extremely small family owned Raw/Vegan/Organic/Gluten Free eating establishment. Don’t let the words raw or vegan scare you away, they’re food is absolutely fantastic and leaves you with both satisfied taste buds and an even more satisfied body. I ordered a Guacamole Wrap for my first (but far from last) visit. Not only was the guacamole freshly made within minutes, but the wrap itself was handmade from fresh vegetables. The biggest mistake you can make with Roots is being scared away by it’s promise of vegan/gluten free/ organic. Experience something fantastic tasting and fantastic for you. I recommend this to anyone except maybe the American male meat lover, but hey with a four page menu and everything fresh as can be, even they could be swayed into a healthier life style. Check Roots out as soon as you can! I’ll DEFINITELY be going back.
Eric S., Yelp Review